Tiki Tavz Beachin BBQ Dry Rubs

  Gluten & MSG           Free!

BBQ dry rub seasonings

BBQ Rib Rub Spices

Our rubs are great for:

​Chicken Wings

Chicken Thighs

Pork Tenderloin

Pork Shoulder

Country Style Pork Ribs






Deviled Eggs

Potato Salad


Mix Up In Cream Cheese

Try them on EVERYTHING!

​   Thanks for stopping by to checkout                                            !  We currently have 3 BBQ dry rub seasonings to choose from.  All are gluten and MSG free and have only 20-25 mg of sodium.  Click the "SHOP" page to check out each flavor.


   Our rubs are not like other rubs that are very salty.  We use less salt and put more BBQ in our rubs...is BBQ sauce salty??...HECK NO!!  So we came up with a recipe to mimic that using high quality spices that are put together and blended in a professional spice mill.  We also use the larger 8.4 oz jar which goes a loooong way, And you're going to need it because  there  isn't  too  much  this stuff  doesn't taste  good  on.  Click on out How It Works page to how to use our rubs and see what other people are using it on...like PIZZA!!

Try It On Everything!

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